Tulsi Rose Facial Toner

Tulsi Rose Facial Toner

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Aromatic hydrosols are a valuable addition to a skincare routine.  This facial toner begins with tulsi basil, rose and rose geranium hydrosols distilled from our garden plants.  This combination helps to to tone, balance and brighten the complexion while botanical extracts gently normalize. Tamarind seed extract is added to help improve skin elasticity and provide antioxidant protection. Cucumber extract is cooling and soothing. 

Ingredients: Tulsi basil, rose and rose geranium hydrosols, organic witch hazel extract infused with Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Roses, Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey leaf, Yarrow flowers and Orange mint leaf.  Cucumber extract, Tamarind seed extract. Rose & tulsi basil flower essences. Leucidal liquid (natural preservative containing Lactobacillus Ferment)

Spray lightly on face twice daily and follow with cream or lotion.

4 oz. Spray Bottle